CBH Medical Rehab FAQ

CBH Medical Rehab FAQ

What Is Included In My Program?

  • Unlimited consultation time with an ED advocate

  • 6 Devices to choose from & 5-year warranty

  • Step-by-step Penile Rehabilitation routine

  • ED health & wellness e-book

  • 2nd day UPS shipping

  • 1 Year Warranty

Does CBH have a guarantee?

YES! The @home Penile Rehabilitation Program includes 60 consultation minutes to meet live with a CBH advocate. If a man is not having the expected results, further training may be required. All appointments can be scheduled through our calendar - https://cbhmedicalrehab.com/calendar

Vacuum Therapy is clinically proven to be over 95% effective in creating an erection strong enough for penetration, however the restoration of penile function can be complicated and take time. Many internal and external factors play a role in the path to successful erectile function. The level of success and timing for improvement will vary man to man. Our board of advisors includes 30+ combined years clinical experience in penile rehabilitation and vacuum therapy; CBH knows a thing or two about erections and the significance in a man's life.

What is the return policy?

CBH will honor the manufacturer 90-day return policy for unopened product only, unless approved by CBH. Original proof of purchase is required.

Are FSA & HSA cards accepted?

YES! CBH Medical accepts all FSA & HSA cards for payment.

Does my device have a warranty?

Yes! Your device includes either a 1-year or 5-year warranty for the pump head and cylinder.

What happens if my device has reduced pressure or stops working?

Refer to the User Guide included with your device for full details. For battery devices try replacing the batteries.

Reminder: Your device includes a vacuum safety limiter. This safety feature will stop the device from when it reaches the maximum vacuum pressure.

Do I need to use the lubricant that is included in the system?

The lubricant included is a medical grade sealant to help create a tight seal for best vacuum performance. It is recommended to use a water-soluble lubricant to maintain the integrity of the tension for the device and rings.

How safe Vacuum Therapy?

Vacuum Erection Devices (VED) is a FDA cleared medical device for the purpose of creating erections strong enough for penetration or intercourse and recommended for use by most physicians for the treatment of erectile dysfunction as it relates to or caused by prostate cancer, radiation therapy, pelvic trauma, diabetes, medication, Peyronies Disease. Clinically proven to be over 95% effective. On the market since 1982 and a recommended ED therapy by the American Urological Association. All CBH programs include step-by-step self-guided training, online video resources and live online clinical support.

How is the program shipped? Your program will arrive in a nondescript brown UPS box with CBH Medical as the return address. Orders ship UPS 2nd day. PO Boxes will ship USPS.

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